My Walk with YHVH

Gut Shabbes 144,000. Ah yes, the Remnant! The Remnant Bride of Yashua HaMsheekah Son of G-d, Son of King David. How was your Saturday (not Sunday) Sabbath Day of Rest commanded by our Abba Father YHVH? Blessed be the name of Yashua, the Name above all names, no OTHER name, the ONLY name given to mankind, under which we must be saved though repentance of sin’s and full Biblical Mikvah water baptism in the that name, the name of Yashua, not the pagan deity Zeus inspired J.E.S.U.S, the name the Whore/Harlot fake new system uses… COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE before it’s too late. In Yashua’s name I pray, Omein. Just a note about the wicked one’s who changed THE NAME ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES (that even means the name Yashua is above the root of His name, YHVH/YaHaVaH, but fear not because in the end it’s all really the same name like all the other names of G-d… Yashua from Syriac Aramaic Hebrew dialect simply means G-d is my Salvation/Deliverer. Omein. Ah, but yes, look and see! It is written where they first conspired to abolish the use of His scared name in the Kodesh Hebrew tongue: Acts 4:17 “But lest it may be spread further among the Am Yisroel, let us warn them no longer to speak to any man b’shem hazeh (this name). And, having summoned them, they commanded them not to say drashot or shiurim b’shem Yashua/Yeshua [Zech 6:11-12; Ezra 3:8] at all.”

Oh for shame right? This was the beginning of the Satanic attack on the ONLY name that can be used to wash away sins. I’m not the judge, but I tell you the truth in love… If you got baptised in the fake name of Jesus then you haven’t followed His commandment to be baptized in the ONLY Name, no Other Name, given to us by which we must be saved. You’ve been deceived and how blinded must you be to not understand you have been lead astray by false teachers who were victims of false teachings themselves. The is no place to condemn any flawed human in my humble opinion, but to put the blame on Satan and him alone who began this whole business of putting a stop to anybody speaking/pronouncing the sacred and Holy name of God. Now doesn’t the Scripture that says they have become a synagogue of Satan sound fitting. Better get baptised in the Name that has POWER and dump that religion that has a form of Godliness, but rejects the POWER and authority of God’s commandments. Yashua’s last pleading with His Talmudim was, “If you love me keep my commandments”. While I’m at it, he also told His Talmudim to “Do this in remembrance of me.” Make sure you use unleavened bread for this remembrance as Yahshua with without sin (leaven). Also make sure you do the same with the “new wine” which was actually fresh squeezed grape juice having not had a chance for an fermentation to take place which is caused by leaven/yeast/sin.

My mother was an unbeliever who said, “Man wrote the Bible”. I was not there before her death because she didn’t want me there. She even wrote me and one of my older half brother’s out of her Will. This is the parent I suffered under as a child, but as a mentally unstable alcoholic she did have a few moments when she wasn’t abusive. One of those moments was when I was 8-years-old and we were at a Walden’s Books in a shopping mall and God, who foreknew me and predestined me, had His hand upon me and inspired me to have my own copy of The Childrens Bible. The Children’s Bible is actually sitting under my laptop right now as I type. My laptop overheats so it makes my laptop cooler as my fingers blaze a trail for God 🙂 The Children’s Bible also creates a firm foundation for the laptop and what I’m writing….. WORD!

I remember reading each condensed Bible story from Genesis to Revelation and placing four-leafed clovers I found in the front yard of my mother’s Louisville, Kentucky home I partially grew up in. My real home was my maternal grandmother’s house about 30 miles away in the town of LaGrange, not far from Goshen, Kentucky where my family came from. I always found it interesting Goshen was where the Hebrew slaves lived in Egypt to keep themselves separate from the Egyptians. My ancestors come from slaves as my 3rd great grandfather took as his son the child he sired, my great-great grandfather Charles Gaylord, Jr. who was half Black making me 1/32d Black. If the One-Drop-Rule was still being enforced in post-slavery America even though I pass for White I’d still be documented as Black or Negro on this 2020 census like my great grandma was and all her siblings were. Great grandma Emma Rachel Gaylord-Horstmann’s 14 children didn’t get documented as Black/Negro after 1910. I guess being 1/8 Black ends the one-drop rule? I don’t know….