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Yosef is still alive!


The most important thing I must do in my introduction before talking about myself is to bring to the forefront the TRUTH of Messiah that Rashi reveals in the Talmud for his commentary on Daniel 7:14 (see: https://www.sefaria.org/Rashi_on_Daniel.7.13.3?lang=bi&with=all&lang2=en).

The verse in Daniel uses the Hebrew “פְלַח” (Pelach) which means “to serve, worship as deity”. If Rashi tell’s us this verse in Daniel is about the Messiah and it says the Messiah will be worshipped as deity then we can’t go against Rashi’s teaching can we?

Many Jews have believed in the kosher Law-keeping version of Yeshua for 2000 years, and they know YHVH has taken on human form more than once. May Jews have been secret believers shunning the Roman manufactured and purposely confusing teachings of Christianity, the Babylonian Whore/Harlot religion of which Yeshua said, “Come out of her my people!”

One of the most important things about me that I must inform you of is that do no subscribe to the notion of following religion or any one particular faith, but to my understanding of unity with the Creator of our human species we are not to divide ourselves into tribalism which eventually ends in war and death. If I were forced place a label on my faith I would say I am a “Seeker”.

While I am Jewish by DNA through my ancestors I recognize that the s0-called “Father” of the Jewish faith who’s name is Abraham originally came from India along with his half-sister (same father) wife. There is so much faith diversity among the scattered descendants of the first man, Adam, but ultimately all faiths begin with foundation of respect in our Creator and respect to all His Creation. Yeshua the Mashiach of the human species on this planet said the same thing in other familiar words, “Love the Creator with all your heart, with all your mind, and all your soul, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

If I were to describe my faith I would call it “The Continuing Faith of Revelation of the Creator of All”. I embrace the wisdom imparted to mankind since the Elohim created our species in the Garden of Eden which the majority of scholars believe was located in India, and I continue to be a student of the wisdom and teachings of the great sages and guru’s and that includes the revelation of one of the Creator Elohim’s many incarnations into human form in the person of the Rabbi Yeshua ben Yosef who was born in city of Beit Lechem, Israel. When people meet me their first incorrect assumption I am Hindu by my appearance as I look like I should be living in India or ancient Israel. People tell me that I remind them of one of my teachers, the Sadhguru.

This website began in 2004 after I was diagnosed with an intersex condition called XO/XY Mosaicism Male Pseudohermaphroditism. This was a birth condition that had been hidden from me by my mother, and childhood physicians. I was operated on as an 8-month-old baby to fix me as male so I could grow up normal. I think they made the best decision, but the “fix” didn’t take as well as they thought, and my growing up was far from normal, but it was all part of G-d’s grand plan to bring me here today with these experiences “for such a time as this”.


“In the day that Elohim created Adam, in the likeness of Elohim made he him; Male and female created He him; and blessed him…” ~Genesis 5:2 (correct translation)

Growing up with no knowledge of my birth circumstance or surgeries I fell victim to to the gender-bending movement of the 1980’s. Up until puberty I assumed I was a normal boy that was only having throughs normal boys didn’t have. Gender dysphoria firmly entrenched itself when a hormone imbalance at puberty, and my chromosomal difference caused my body to develop the secondary sex characteristics of a female with more female-like curves, and breast growth. I tried to hide these developments with baggy pants and layers of shirts. My different body felt like a prison. In my ignorance I felt the only way out of such a mess (besides suicide) was to change to live as female to try to find some peace and happiness–a decision made after years of agonizing thoughts and desperation.

G-d allowed me to take this journey so I could learn from it. What I learned is I could not pretend to be a sex I was not. I had to learn the hard way to embrace the way G-d made me as a special creation. I finally had to come to a place of acceptance that although living as female felt more familiar, the fact was I was born more male than female and the doctors had made the correct decision to raise me as male. I wasn’t a perfect male, but more male than female. That’s why they call it “male pseudohermaphroditism”. My own real personal story of my struggle with my birth condition is important to the minority community I hope to enlighten, but His story, the real story of the Jewish Messiah is what is more important here. I must decrease while He increases.

The main focus of this website now is to teach Christians their religion is a Satanic Roman counterfeit of Judaism along with their counterfeit Lawless Messiah the Roman-given Greek name Jesus. Before the Roman hostile takeover took place the Natsarim sect of Judaism was not a separate religion from Judaism known as Christianity. Our Messiah was known to them and the world as Yeshua, but then along came Esau/Edom/Rome whom G-d hated and created the Roman-Babylonian Whore/Harlot system called Christianity that was responsible for the death of our Messiah Yeshua and many more millions of Jews over the centuries. While I’m sure many Christians are sincere, they are sincerely deceived “workers of iniquity” and Yeshua says they are headed to the Lake of Fire for their iniquity. I teach how to avoid this fate.

This website as a simple setup. You have this home page you are reading, and on the right margin of this page are links to things I have written about. I pray our extra terrestrial heavenly Elohim Father will lead you into more truth with a little help from what I have written.