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If you reject the existence of a divine Creator that your soul will one day have to answer to you may not find much on this website that is of interest to you.

I understand how many people want to embrace a simple belief in a life that begins organically and ends organically as worm food, but documented cases of reincarnation prove otherwise.

Reincarnation is foundational to Judaism. Even the recorded teachings of the 1st century Pharisee/Rabbi named Yeshua (aka Jesus) include reincarnation in the Christian New Testament gospels, but few Christians have eyes to see.

Without reincarnation both Judaism and Christianity are faiths that fall flat on their face and simply have no meaning. Most Jewish people understand this, but it is the Christian world that does not. Most Christians have no clue that the Greeks and Romans hijacked the 1st century Jewish sect of believers in Yeshua the Messiah and made a lot of changes to create a new religion. A big change was trying to eliminate G_d’s mechanism of reincarnation of the soul. Yeshua the Messiah didn’t create a new religion, the Greco-Romans did.

Greco-Romanized Christianity has horribly misrepresented the Jewish Messiah for nearly 2000 years. They want you to believe G_d’s Laws are all voided by the work of Yeshua on the cross. The Romans hijacked the Jewish faith confusing many of Yeshua’s teachings so they could create their new anti-Jewish religion called Christianity. In fact, they created an Anti-Christ, ditched His real name of Yeshua and gave him the Greek name Jesus so He would be even more undesirable, even repugnant, and unrecognizable to the Jewish people.

Most Christians will tell you of their belief that G_d preserved the New Testament inspired writings, but the sad fact is that the texts were altered by Rome and the Nicean council of emperor Constantine. The first thing Rome did was destroy all the Hebrew originals of gospels and letters and replaced them with Greek altered copies to support their new Greek-Roman religion. Copies of copies of copies is all we have. Maybe one day the originals will be uncovered from the depths of the Vatican.

The problem with Christianity is that most of it’s followers do no read or understand their Bible. Over 2000 years Christianity has been taught to ignore the scripture that their Jesus taught from. Occasionally, Christians will cherry pick from what they call the Old Testament, but their whole confusing approach creates a very distorted view of Israel’s Messiah. Christianity’s distorted beliefs have been responsible for the genocide of millions of Jews. Sad to imagine that even the Christian Jesus would have been murdered by famous Christian Adolph Hitler had he lived during World War 2.

I could go on and on revealing many facts to you about the Christian religion’s demonic departure from Judaism, but I won’t, and I hope that you will be inspired to actually study and seek knowledge for yourself. This is my greatest goal to inspire others to learn. Spoon-fed people never learn or retain anything.

I know what it feels like to be a voice crying in the Wilderness. It’s a difficult mission to teach mislead Christians about the Jewish roots of their faith which opens up so much understanding about the Jewish book that is the foundation of their faith. Another Wilderness mission is that of helping a growing minority of humanity understand their true identity. I’m talking about people who suffer from the mental disorder that is homosexuality/gender dysphoria. These people have chosen a false identity under duress because they don’t understand the biology of reincarnation. Let that concept sink in–“biology of reincarnation”.


I was born with an intersex xy/xo chromosome pattern. Everything given to us from G_d is a blessing, but as human’s we don’t always use G_d’s blessings as we should, but never the less G_d is good and He guides even the wayward path of the prodigal son so a wayward path is given the chance to turn into a righteous path. Due to my taking the wrong path I once suffered from something called gender identity disorder (aka gender dysphoria/confusion).

Not every person born with this chromosome pattern has the same internal and external issues. Myself, I was born with undescended testicles and had to have them surgically brought down when I was 8 months old. One testicle was normal for a male, but the other had developed somewhere between a testicle and an ovary and was removed at that time. I was told it was removed because it could become cancerous? Anyway, there’s a bit more to the story, but the short version is I was born a boy with some intersex issues that lead to me questioning my gender and ultimately I fell into the wrong crowd with a lot of wrong answers for me.

Most people who experience confusion about their gender have no physical issues like myself that cause them confusion–the confusion is all in their heads. The cure or deliverance from gender identity disorder does not come from any miraculous healing, or divine intervention at an altar on your knees. Before you can cut this mental disorder off at the root you must understand where this gender and sexuality disorder comes from.

I’ve watched sadly for decades as many Judeo-Christian homosexual/transgender recovery group members fail and relapse back into their old ways because they want to believe in some type of supernatural deliverance that in reality never happens.

Imaginary deliverance eventually wears off, but truth cures. Same-sex attraction doesn’t get cured by deliverance. It gets cured by understanding your true identity as an ungendered soul that experiences countless lifetimes as male and as female. The Alphabet Movement (LGBTQI) is pushing a false identity on you because of their lack of faith in a G_d that condemns their chosen lifestyle.

When you understand the root cause of gender dysphoria/homosexuality the cure is nearly as simple as turning on and off a light switch. Knowledge is power. In the “RECENT POSTS” section on the right sidebar of my website you will find my open letters to homosexual and transgender sufferers. There I explain the cure for homosexuality and gender dysphoria.