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Yosef is still alive! ~Genesis 45:26


The most important thing I must do in my introduction before talking about myself is to bring to the forefront the TRUTH of Messiah that Rashi reveals in the Talmud for his commentary on Daniel 7:14 identifying the prophesied Messiah (see: https://www.sefaria.org/Rashi_on_Daniel.7.13.3?lang=bi&with=all&lang2=en).

The verse in Daniel 7:14 uses the Hebrew word “פְלַח” (Pelach) which means “to serve, worship as deity”. If Rashi tell’s us this verse in Daniel is about the Messiah and it says the Messiah will be worshipped as deity then we can’t go against Rashi’s teaching can we? That last sentence is spoken aloud would be said with a bit of sarcasm as my people always want to rely on our sages of old and what they have written in the Talmud. So, dear mishpocha, stop trying to limit YHVH.

We all know YHVH took on human form many times throughout the Tanach, often times being referred to as “the angel of the LORD”. If this extraterrestrial Elohim has appeared to us in a human form so many times in the so-called “OldTestament”, then why on earth can He not do it again as our Messiah? YHVH told Daniel to “seal up the book till the time of the end” and that means our Creator has decided that certain things are going to remain a mystery so why not you let G_d be G_d and why don’t you stop trying to second guess His mystery?

Some may want to argue that the messiah is not deity. That does not concern me. Some things are left a mystery till the time of the end and whether Yeshua is deity or not may be argued by some till the day He returns, but I don’t care to do that. I cling the G_d’s Law that He gave us as Yeshua did.

Yes, I know that what is the Christian faith of today is no longer a legitimate sect of Judaism. It’s our job to help them get back on track and return to how things were at the beginning of the Natsarim faith after the Rebbe Yeshua resurrected from the grave. Back then the followers of Yeshua went to worship and study in the synagogues and kept the Law. Let’s restore that brotherhood.

Many Jews have believed in the kosher Law-keeping Rabbi Yeshua for 2000 years, and as I have said, they know YHVH has taken on human form more than once. Many Jews have been secret believers in the true historical Yeshua as Messiah, shunning the Roman manufactured “Jesus” and the purposely twisted and confusing teachings of Christianity, the Babylonian Whore/Harlot religion of which Yeshua said, “Come out of her my people!”

The main objection by my people began with the corrupt priesthood and rabbi’s who were on the take from the Roman’s and had taken control of Judaism was that Messiah coming would have meant the end of them lining their pockets with money so basically it didn’t matter who came along claiming to be the Messiah. The corrupt priesthood would not accept anyone, especially anyone who was not going to go to war and defeat the invading Roman’s and free the Jews.

Of course Yeshua knew the future and that the Roman’s who crucified Him would take the truth and twist it in a hostile takeover of Judaism’s messianic faith. They changed the truth into a lie. Not only did they change the name of the Messiah to nullify the real “one name above all names by which we must be saved” from Yeshua to the manufactured name Jesus which is neither a translation or a transliteration, the Roman’s also changed the faith into the “workers of iniquity” that Yeshua prophetically warned us about that would come to Him on the day of judgement pleading, “but didn’t we do miracles in your name, etc.”, but He said unto them, “Go away from me you workers of iniquity (non-Law keepers). I NEVER KNEW YOU!” He was prophesying about the coming strange new Lawless religion called Christianity created by Rome that would teach the falsehood that nobody has to follow the Law of G_d anymore because the Messiah nailed it all to His cross, when in fact the only Law He nailed to cross was the death penalty that the Law required for certain sins known as the 7 deadly sins.

Rabbi Shaul (aka apostle Paul) wrote a letter to the Roman’s explaining in depth how grace does not nullify the fact we as followers of the Messiah must still be Law keepers. Because the religion of Christianity is deceived on this issue this is why still today there is a wide gulf between Judaism and Christianity. It’s not about the deity of the Messiah. That’s a smokescreen that some unenlightened people use to promote hatred and division instead of union that is recited every day in the shema. For the most clear understanding of the book of Roman’s as if you are being taught by the very Rabbi Shaul himself, listen to the videos on teaching the book of Romans by Jim Staley at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP3bmbBzXpI


This website began in 2004 after I was diagnosed with an intersex condition called XO/XY Mosaicism. This was a birth condition that had been hidden from me by my mother, and childhood physicians. I was operated on as an 8-month-old baby to fix me as male so I could grow up normal. I think they made the best decision, but the “fix” didn’t take as well as they thought, and my growing up was far from normal, but it was all part of G-d’s grand plan to bring me here today with these experiences “for such a time as this”.

“In the day that Elohim created Adam, in the likeness of Elohim made he him; Male and female created He him; and blessed him…” ~Genesis 5:2 (correct Hebraic translation for those who may believe in G_d)

Growing up with no knowledge of my intersex birth circumstance or surgeries to remove female parts I simply thought I was a normal boy that was having thoughts that other boys didn’t have and I didn’t know why. I wasn’t until puberty began that things took a turn for the worse. My chromosomal difference and lack of adequate levels of testosterone caused my body to develop the secondary sex characteristics of a female with more female-like curves, and breast growth.

I lived in a private hell for years while I tried to hide these developments with baggy pants and layers of shirts. My different body felt like a prison. In my ignorance I felt the only way out of such a mess (besides suicide) was to change to live as female to try to find some peace and happiness–a decision made after years of agonizing thoughts and desperation. At the time I wasn’t even thinking about what could be done to remove the breasts. I was simply asking G_d why He had made me this way and I wanted to live as normally as possible and not like a freak to be hated and ridiculed by others.

G-d allowed me to take this road less traveled so I could learn from amazing spiritual lessons from it. I learned is I could not pretend to be a sex I was not. After the adult revelation of my XY/XO Mosaicism condition in 2004 it took me years to come to a place of acceptance of how G_d made me. There was no easy way out. No quick fixes. I had to travel this road alone and sometimes I had to walk away from it all because it was all just too much to deal with. G_d is faithful and He does know sometimes we need a break and allows us to stray, but He also does come looking for us again when we are ready for more truth.

I know a lot of people do not believe in G_d, a Creator, or even in some superior extraterrestrial species that hybridized their own species with apes on this planet to create us, homo sapien sapiens, but I do believe in such and I believe G_d has given me the wisdom to understand the error of transgenderism. As part of my mission during this lifetime I am to teach people who’s identity has been confused. I specifically help the sexually dysphoric (homosexuals) and the gender dysphoric to find their true identity through G_d by understanding their human condition as a soul who inhabits many different bodies over the millenia.

Homosexuality and gender dysphoria both have their root in re-incarnation bleed over from the person’s previous incarnation. Christians do not understand this because their religion has been stripped of it’s Jewish spiritual knowledge where re-incarnation is foundational to the faith. G_d does not and will not “deliver” anyone from homosexuality or gender dysphoria. There is no magical healing. The experience of re-incarnation bleed over is a gift from G_d, but must be understood to allow the person to proceed properly. People who fall victim to homosexuality and transgenderism have simply taken the wrong path in their spiritual ignorance. Until these folks understand their error I’m trying to tell them about they will continue in their hellish lives suffering many consequences.

My personal story of my struggle with my birth condition is important to the minority community I hope to enlighten, but it is His story, the real story of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua is what is more important here. I must decrease while He increases.

The main focus of this website now is to teach Christians their religion is a Lawless Satanic Roman counterfeit of Judaism along with their counterfeit Lawless Messiah named Jesus. Their rejection of G_d’s Law is why Yeshua called them “the workers of iniquity”.

Before the Roman hostile takeover took place the Natsarim sect of Judaism was not a separate religion from Judaism known as Christianity. Our Messiah was known to them and the world as Yeshua, but then along came Esau/Edom/Rome whom G-d hated and created the Roman-Babylonian Whore/Harlot system called Christianity. They executed Messiah Yeshua and many more millions of Jews over the centuries. While I’m sure many Christians are sincere, they are sincerely deceived “workers of iniquity” and Yeshua says they are headed to the Lake of Fire for their iniquity. I teach how to avoid this fate.

This website as a simple setup. You have this home page you are reading, and on the right margin of this page are links to things I have written about. I pray our extraterrestrial heavenly Elohim Father YHVH will lead you into more truth with a little help from what I have written.